Ausek AT-M40R Action Camera

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5K Ultra-High Resolution
Waterproof up to 30m (100ft)
Rugged and Durable Design
Wide-Angle Lens
Wi-Fi Connectivity
The AUSEK AT-M40R 5K Waterproof Action Camera, a cutting-edge device designed for adventure enthusiasts and photography aficionados seeking high-quality, immersive captures. Your outdoor experiences will be taken to a whole new level by this action camera’s impressive features and sturdy construction. The AUSEK AT-M40R’s 2-inch+1.3-inch dual screen LCD display makes navigation and framing simple, ensuring that you capture every exciting moment. Whether you’re capturing dynamic video or still images, this camera supports a remarkable 5K video resolution at 30fps, providing crystal-clear footage with a resolution of 5120 x 2880. Moreover, you can record at 38402160 60fps, 19201080 120fps, and 1280*720 240fps, offering flexibility in recording speed to suit your preferences. Capture stunning 48MP images with the photo resolution capability, allowing you to freeze moments in time with exceptional clarity and detail. The 170-degree wide-angle lens ensures you don’t miss a thing, capturing a broad field of view to encapsulate the entire scene. This action camera is built to endure your adventurous spirit, with a waterproof depth of up to 30 meters when enclosed in its dedicated waterproof case. The electronic image stabilization (EIS) feature guarantees stable footage, minimizing shakes and blurs even in the most dynamic scenarios. To ensure you have ample storage for your adventures, the AUSEK AT-M40R supports up to a 64GB micro SD card. The 1350mAh battery capacity provides extended usage, allowing you to record and capture memories for longer periods without interruptions. With a speedy 4GB DDR RAM, this action camera offers smooth operation and faster performance, enabling you to navigate settings and switch between modes seamlessly. Additionally, the camera comes with a complete set of accessories, enhancing its versatility and ease of use. In summary, the AUSEK AT-M40R 5K Waterproof Action Camera is your ideal companion for thrilling adventures, delivering outstanding video and photo quality, durability, and convenience. Capture the essence of every adventure and relive the excitement with this top-tier action camera


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